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Why Is It Important to Have Renters Insurance?

If you rent, you might be confused about which insurance is best for you. Having renters insurance can help protect your things in case something bad happens, and it usually covers your personal responsibility as well.

How do I get renters insurance?

Renters insurance helps protect the things you own that you keep in an apartment, condo, or house that you rent. It can help pay for things that are lost or broken because of things that are covered. It can also cover you if you hurt someone or damage their property without their permission. This kind of insurance is like homeowner’s insurance, but it usually doesn’t cover the house itself or other buildings.

Here are five reasons why you might want to get renters insurance.

The Insurance Information Institute says that only 57% of renters said they had renters insurance in 2020. A common reason renters don’t have insurance is that they think their landlord’s policy covers them, which isn’t always the case. A lot of people also don’t think about how much their things are worth or just think nothing bad will happen. These are false beliefs that should not be believed. Here are five reasons why you should think about getting renters insurance:

1. It covers damage to personal belongings. A renters insurance policy will protect your things if they get damaged by something protected by the policy. Things can quickly become valuable, even if you don’t think they’re worth much.

2. Your employer might make you do it. More and more landlords now demand that tenants have renters insurance and show proof that they have it.

3. It protects you from responsibility. A lot of renters insurance plans include liability insurance as normal. This protects you if someone gets hurt in your home or if you hurt someone or damage their property by accident.

4. It might protect your things when you move. You might be able to get renters insurance that covers your things whether they are in your house, car, or on the road with you.

5. It might pay for extra living costs. If you have to leave your home because of a covered event, your renters insurance may cover the extra costs of food or a temporary place to live if you have to.

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