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Neptune Flood Insurance Review 2023

Neptune Flood Insurance Review 2023

With its brand-new flood insurance offering for homes, Neptune has joined the insurance industry. They provide a personalized quotation with just 12 questions and a modern user experience.

You would only be paid for the utilized worth of your personal things because the NFIP only gives real monetary value for your home’s contents. For instance, you would only get half of your couch back if it was seven years old. To guarantee that you get back a whole sofa to replace the one that went surfing in the floodwaters, you may add replacement cost on your home’s goods with Neptune.

Who would require flood insurance?
Do you need to get flood insurance? Though most individuals are correct in believing they won’t experience it, it may be heartbreaking when it does. In America, the typical flood claim costs close to $50,000.

To lose $50,000 in a single storm is a lot. Regrettably, just 1 in 6 Harvey disaster victims have flood insurance.

Using my online risk assessment tool, you may rapidly determine the flood risk at your address. It’s crucial to be aware that residences in low- to moderate-risk locations account for nearly 20% of all flood claims. Keep in mind that each of the following describes a flood event:

Except for Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming, Neptune provides flood insurance in almost all of the 50 states.

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