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Insure fitness Personal Trainer Insurance

Insure fitness Personal Trainer Insurance

Unfortunately, mishaps frequently occur. You must take precautions to safeguard your company in the event of such occurrences. To fill this void, there is Assure Fitness Group.

If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage, you’ve come to the right place. Your family may be protected and enjoy additional benefits for just $179 each year.

When Hiring a Personal Trainer, Should I Invest in Insurance?

Several people have injuries while working out at fitness centers and gyms every year. Overexertion was revealed to be the primary culprit in a recent research released by the National Institute of Health. Overuse injuries were more prevalent in group fitness settings and during general free weight training.

There are some physical issues, including muscular weakness in the knees or hips, that increase the likelihood of overuse injuries, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. When you move too quickly or too hard with bad form, you overwork your muscles. Sports and fitness training come with a significant risk for injury due to the nature of the activities themselves.

According to our analysis of the data above, the two most common types of liability coverage for personal trainers are general liability and professional liability. General liability would include slips, trips, and falls, but professional responsibility may apply in cases when a client overexerts themself and sustains an injury.

Insure Fitness Group designed a liability insurance plan specifically for personal trainers after researching the business and its inherent dangers. Our comprehensive policy offers the optimal balance of insurance and extra safeguards, allowing our members to exercise with complete peace of mind. Learn the many benefits of having insurance by reading on.

Just what is insurance for personal trainers?

Really elementary! Protect yourself and your personal training firm from legal action with liability insurance. If a student is hurt during your session, for instance, insurance can shield you from the cost of a lawsuit.

As far as insurance companies go, Insure Fitness Group has got you covered. We provide A-rated insurance tailored to the needs of fitness professionals like personal trainers, and we insure hundreds of them.

We include both independent fitness instructors and those who work for larger gyms. We’ve put up a personal trainer insurance guide that outlines everything you need to know before buying a policy.

In addition to protecting you from financial loss in the event of injury or illness, Insure Fitness Group’s policies cover things like lost or stolen equipment, personal information theft, and damage to rental properties. Nothing is concealed in the price of $179 per year, which includes all of these protections.

For less than the cost of a year’s worth of gym dues, Insure Fitness Group will provide you with the best insurance in the business to safeguard your professional and financial future.

Personal Trainers’ Liability Insurance Coverage

All group fitness programs and one-on-one workouts with trainers include some degree of danger. As a personal trainer, you need liability insurance to safeguard yourself from claims and lawsuits stemming from any number of mishaps that might occur during a session or class. This safeguards you, the personal trainer, in the event of an unavoidable accident.

A pupil may sue you if they broke their arm after tripping over a puddle of broken water during a training session. You might be held responsible for a student’s injuries if they try to do an unsafe maneuver.

You may try your best to keep up with every client’s health requirements, but they may not always be as forthcoming with you about their illnesses as you’d want. Take the case of a female customer who has lately become pregnant but has decided not to tell you about it.

A male customer might potentially have a heart disease or other major health condition that would make it unsafe for him to do some of the exercises taught in class. Claims made because of such circumstances would be covered by liability insurance. It’s clear why protecting your business with personal trainer insurance is crucial to its success.

We cover claims that occur inside the policy period, even if they are filed years after the policy has expired, which is not the case with most insurance companies. We are confident that this kind of backing will allow you to relax and provide your undivided attention to your personal training clients. Insure Fitness Group provides full coverage, so you may teach with confidence.

Personal Fitness Trainers’ Product Liability Coverage

Accidents can happen even if you’re a certified personal trainer, communicate well with your clients, and routinely inspect and maintain your equipment. The truth is that exercise has its own set of dangers, and those dangers double when tools like weights and treadmills are thrown into the mix. In the event of a lawsuit, product liability insurance will ease your mind so that you can concentrate on client training.

There is an insurance policy known as product liability insurance that guarantees the quality of a product. You’ll be protected in case your faulty goods ends up hurting someone else. You could get sued if people find fault with the product’s construction, design, or production. Your client’s improper use of the equipment does not absolve you of responsibility for any resulting property damage or personal injury.

The danger of injury to your client increases when you use equipment in their personal training session. An accident can occur with as little as a slack spring, a split second of distraction, or a poorly fastened safety chain. Protect yourself from the overwhelming legal and financial costs that might result from a product liability litigation by purchasing product liability insurance.

Coverage Specifics

The term “general liability” refers to insurance that covers “any and all” injuries and property damage that may occur. Each incident is covered up to $1 million, and annually each participant can collect up to $3 million.

Insurance against personal injury and property damage claims directly attributable to your work as a fitness instructor. Every incident is covered up to $1 million, and each member is eligible for up to $3 million annually.

The risk of harm or damage to property caused by a defective product is covered by this policy. This includes any materials, such as cleansers, that you use on the apparatus and which may cause an adverse reaction in certain users. Important liability insurance of up to $1 million per year is provided.

The expense of fixing up rented space is covered under the Rental Damage Coverage policy. The sum might reach $100,000.
Coverage for Stolen Equipment: If your business has had expensive group fitness equipment stolen in an armed robbery, you can collect up to $1,000 (minus a $250 deductible).

Our group health insurance policy includes a supplemental identity protection service that will pay for identity restoration costs up to $25,000.

To what extent does one have to invest in insurance for a personal trainer?

Liability insurance for personal trainers from Insure Fitness Group is only $179 for a full year of protection. In addition, our annual pricing for personal trainer students is an unheard-of $59. Here you may learn more about the price of personal trainer insurance. Evaluate various insurance policies and their costs.

Insurance for Online Personal Trainers from IFG

The built-in portability clause is a crucial part of our trainer insurance package. In the insurance industry, a policy is said to be portable if it is not connected to a certain location or delivery method. It doesn’t matter whether you change jobs, move across the country, or start doing sessions out of your own house; your health insurance coverage will accompany you wherever you go.

Get Instant Access to Membership Perks

We are aware that you require more from your personal trainer insurance than just solid liability protection. Because of this, our program provides you with hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings and exclusive deals from industry leaders in health and fitness.

We have also compiled extensive resources for starting and running a profitable personal training company. Learn how to set yourself apart from other personal trainers by mastering marketable skills like social media strategy and resume development. As an added bonus, you can utilize our exercise songs to get your customers revved up before and throughout their sessions. Thank you very much.

A Comparison of Insurance Policies for Fitness Instructors

Investing in personal trainer insurance is a smart risk-management move that might benefit you financially and professionally. It is wise to weigh your alternatives before making any major choices. Trainers must to be covered by liability insurance just like any other professionals. It’s tiresome to always have to switch between websites.

For this reason, we have made public all the relevant details of our liability policy and placed them beside those of the most prominent insurance rivals. We are so convinced that our program offers the finest coverage options at the best costs that we provide a side-by-side comparison to ensure your satisfaction.

Personal Trainer Insurance Plan Comparison Chart


Personal Trainer Insurance FAQs

Do you really need professional liability insurance as a personal trainer?

Emphatically, yes. Even if a case is entirely frivolous, legal defense without insurance can be financially devastating. Personal training insurance from Insure Fitness takes away the anxiety surrounding the what-ifs of a future claim. You’ll be covered from the minute you engage with a client, within the 50 United States. Read more about why personal trainer insurance is a must.

What’s the best liability insurance for trainers?

The best personal trainer insurance will provide comprehensive coverage options, covers a variety of different programs/workouts, follows you around the country, is affordable, and ideally, should even provide some additional benefits to members as many may never file a claim.

Insure Fitness provides robust coverage limits for a variety of different liabilities, covers more than 150 different workout programs, follows you everywhere you train with clients, and also offers tips, discounts, and exclusives from the leading names in fitness, all at the low rate of just $179 per year. Read more about how to choose the right personal trainer insurance to fit your specific needs.

What does personal trainer insurance cover?

Insure Fitness has created a policy that takes the risks of fitness professionals into consideration and provides coverage from several angles from which claims can occur during your policy period. Here’s an outline of the coverage:

General Liability: protects personal trainers from claims for injuries or property damage. With Insure Fitness, you have a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate for general liability claims.

Professional Liability: provides coverage for claims asserting you were negligent in your services and an injury or form of damage occurred as a result. Professional liability claims also come with a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate.

Products Liability: provides protection from an allergic reaction from the use of products in performing your services. You’ll be covered up to $1 million for product liability claims.

Rental Damage Coverage: provides coverage for damages you or a client caused to a rented space, up to $100,000.

Stolen Equipment: provides $1,000 worth of coverage for any equipment that’s stolen, less a $250 deductible.

Take the guess work out of personal trainer insurance – get more information about the 3 types of liability insurance every personal trainer should have.

Are virtual classes covered under insure fitness’s personal trainer insurance program?

Yes! As virtual personal training classes continue to increase in popularity, we’ve added online personal trainer insurance coverage for any class conducted via a medium like Skype where live training is being provided. This only wouldn’t apply to any previously recorded fitness instruction such as with a Youtube channel.

Does Insure Fitness offer a plan for personal trainer students?

Absolutely. Because we want to foster the next generation of personal trainers, we offer the same coverage options as with our professional personal trainer policies to students for the low-rate of just $59 for a full year of coverage. Select the student rate here.

What is occurrence form coverage?

Occurrence form coverage is based on the premise that, if a claim is filed after your policy expires, no matter when this occurs, as long as the incident occurs during the period when your policy is active, you’re covered. This comes about from the simple fact that some injuries take months or even years to manifest and some clients choose to wait for a time before seeking restitution.

Whatever the reason, even if it’s years after your policy has expired, if that incident occurred while the policy was still active, you’ll have the peace of mind of full coverage. Many carriers provide claims-made coverage that only extends coverage beyond a policy’s expiration if additional measures specifically taken to do so. Otherwise, under a claims-made policy, any claim occurring after a policy’s expiration is generally not covered unless you pay extra for a “tail” that will allow you to do so.

Do your coverage options have deductibles?

A great value of our plans lies in the fact that none of our liability coverages have a deductible attached. This means, if you need to file a professional liability claim with us, you pay nothing out of pocket to do so. Only our stolen equipment coverage has a low $250 deductible. Read more about the top requirements for personal trainer insurance.

What are some examples of general liability claims for personal trainers?

General liability claims arise from third-party injuries or property damage that occurs from broadly accepting clients and providing your service. Generally referred to a “slip and fall”, an example could be a client slipping on the pile of chalk left on the floor after a split-jerk and breaking their hip.

Their medical expenses would fall under your personal trainer general liability insurance provisions. Another example might be where a client is walking out of their appointment and misses a stair on their way causing them to fall and get injured that way. Read more about personal trainer insurance coverage to consider in 2022.

What are some examples of professional liability claims for personal trainers?

Professional liability is also called “malpractice insurance” as it relates specifically to a claim against the professional service you provided during a session. For example, a student may assert that your spin class was too arduous and led to a torn quadricep or another may say that you pushed them too far down into a front-squat and they hurt their back as a result. With cases like these, Insure Fitness members have peace of mind through a comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage. Read more about the do’s and don’ts of liability insurance.

What types of exercise workouts/training programs are covered by insure fitness?

Insure Fitness’s personal training and group fitness insurance program covers a wide array of different workout/exercise programs. At present, we provide coverage for more than 40 different programs. Everything from Aquatic Exercise, to Pilates, JazzerciseⓇ, P-90XⓇ, and ZumbaⓇ are all covered under our personal trainer insurance policies. If you don’t see your specific program currently listed, call or click to get in contact with an insurance specialist who may be able to add yours to our growing list.

Does Insure Fitness provide any additional benefits to members?

Yes and yes! We’ve partnered with some of the leading names in the world of fitness to bring our members killer benefits, exclusives, discounts, and early access to a wide variety of different products and services. We’ve also developed vast, members-only libraries of curated content that provides insider tips on everything from running a successful business to motivating a client through a challenging Monday session.

We also offer information on obtaining your Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification. CPTs are extremely sought after which is why this certification can be such a big leap in your career.

Can you access your personal training insurance online?

Online insurance options are by far the most convenient for today’s on-the-go professional. We offer the convenience of a 100% online membership portal where you can purchase a personal trainer liability insurance policy and access all of your documents from anywhere in the world (and theoretically beyond) where you have an internet connection.

What’s a cheap personal trainer insurance policy?

At Insure Fitness, we believe in transparency. That’s why we present our plans side-by-side with our leading competitors so you can see how all of our different coverage options stack up. At just $179 per year, Insure Fitness Group offers some of the most affordable rates, with the best coverage options, of any other carrier out there. Read more about our competitors’ personal trainer insurance cost breakdown to stay informed and make sure you are getting the right coverage that fits your specific needs.

How long does it take for my new Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers to kick in?

Our streamlined personal trainer insurance provides instant proof of insurance as soon as you sign up. You’ll also get great coverage with liability protection tailored for the risks today’s personal trainers face. Added bonus, you can opt for flexible monthly payments that work with your budget and access to an entire suite of benefits from day one.


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