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How to choose OPT insurance for international students

How to choose OPT insurance for international students

international students To study in the United States, medical insurance is also a lot of expenses! The vast majority of American schools mandate that international students must purchase a medical insurance.

In addition to the F1 insurance required by the school, the OPT insurance that students need during the OPT period cannot be ignored, so let’s see what OPT insurance is?

What is OPT?

OPT (Optional Practical Training) is the internship period after graduation from the US F1 student visa. During this period, as long as there is a work permit related certificate, you can stay in the United States for an internship and then further work, but the internship and work must be related to the major.

But if you don’t apply for OPT as an international student about two months after graduation, you must leave the United States. Then OPT insurance is to help the United States prepare after graduation.

Expand the application conditions of OPT; 1. The applicant must hold a valid F1 visa and must start the application within 90 days before completing the degree. 2 Applicants must have completed at least two semesters of full-time study in the United States for at least nine months in the United States.

3 Applicants must have graduated from a higher education institution in the United States with a bachelor’s degree or above, and the work must be related to the professional background of the student’s study in the United States, otherwise it will be regarded as illegal work.

Why do you need OPT insurance?

As China’s material conditions are getting better and better, more and more people choose to study abroad. Then some people will choose to stay in the United States to engage in related work in their profession. However, international students who went to American schools were forced to buy insurance,

but they had to prepare their own insurance for internships after graduation, because most American companies would not provide interns with work medical insurance. Of course, very few companies offer internship insurance.

In the United States, without insurance, most people cannot afford to see a doctor, because the medical expenses in the United States are simply sky-high figures. Last but not least, if you work in the U.S. and have started getting paid but don’t have health insurance, you may be fined when filing your taxes.

Special Note : According to the Affordable Care Act of the United States. As long as you are a legal resident of the United States, including U.S.

citizens, legal immigrants and other legal long-term residents, you must purchase Affordable Care Act medical insurance, especially if you do not participate in medical insurance after work or the medical insurance does not meet the Affordable Care Act standards. Penalties are given through the IRS.

Applicable people of OPT insurance

OPT insurance is applicable in a variety of situations.

After graduation : School group insurance is only available to current students. Therefore, during the period of entering OPT after graduation, you are no longer covered by the school medical insurance, and you can choose OPT insurance to maintain the protection status.

OPT Grace Period : If you enter the Grace period because of unemployment, you can also choose to purchase Tiger Tiger OPT medical insurance.

If your employer does not provide insurance : If your employer does not provide medical insurance for employees, Tiger OPT Insurance will be your best medical insurance option.

OPT insurance recommendation

First of all, you need to understand that there are four types of insurance plans:

1. Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO): The reimbursement can only be made by seeing a doctor in a partner hospital, excluding emergency.

2. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): Reimbursement can only be made when seeing a doctor at a partner hospital, and a recommendation letter from the attending physician is required to see a specialist.

3. Point of Service (POS): No matter where you are, you can see a doctor for reimbursement. Seeing a specialist requires a recommendation letter from the attending physician.

4. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): This is the most conventional one, and it is possible to see a doctor anywhere, but the cooperative hospital has more guarantees for seeing a doctor.

Second, confirm the deadline for your student insurance, and then pay attention to the timing of the new insurance plan. Avoid the phenomenon of heavy insurance and empty insurance, and at the same time, the school is generally divided into two situations at the time of graduation;

The first situation is that some schools stipulate that as long as you still hold F1 student status, you can always use the school’s insurance even during the OPT period, and then wait for your employer to provide new insurance after you work, and then apply to replace the school’s insurance. However, under normal circumstances, the school provides short-term insurance, usually 1 to 3 months. Mainly for students to transition.

The second situation is that the problem most students face after graduation is that the school does not provide insurance and the internship place does not provide insurance or has not found an internship place, so they need to buy insurance as soon as possible.

Highlights of Tiger Tiger OPT Insurance Plan

Powerful medical network : OPT medical insurance adopts the well-known Aetna medical network in the United States. The medical network is densely distributed all over the United States, making it convenient for students to see a doctor, and do not have to worry about finding a doctor nearby!

Comprehensive medical protection : The Tiger Tiger Insurance Plan covers a complete range of items, which can meet the medical needs of students working and living in the United States in terms of personal health protection, daily medical consultations, and emergencies.

Professional 24/7 customer service : Huhu Insurance has an industry-leading, 24/7 online 24/7 online professional customer service team in both Chinese and English to provide students with the most intimate one-to-one service.

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