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How much does Renters Insurance cost?

How much does Renters Insurance cost?

The good news about renters insurance costs is that they are very low. Renters insurance only costs about $14 per month, or $168 per year, on average. If you pay for the whole year at once, you might be able to get a small discount. If you go with the same company for your insurance and other plans, like your car insurance, you may also be able to get a discount.

$14 per month is well worth it if it gives you peace of mind. Renters insurance is a cheap way to cover yourself in case of a break-in, a burst pipe that floods your apartment, or even theft.

Keep in mind that $14 per month is just an average and that your rate may be different. Rates can be different based on where you live, how much coverage you have, and how high your deductible is. Check with more than one insurance company to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

How much you pay for renters insurance may depend on how good your credit is. Before you apply, get a copy of your credit record and check your credit score to make sure you’re getting a good rate based on your credit history.

The value of your things is another thing that can affect your rate. The more stuff you have or the more important it is, the more coverage you’ll need, which may also make your rate a little bit higher.

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