Farmers Car Insurance Review for 2023

Farmers Car Insurance Review for 2023

For nearly a century, Farmers has been in the insurance business. The California-based company got its start in 1928 by selling auto insurance to farmers, as its name suggests. The insurer currently offers a variety of insurance products to the general public, including auto, home, renters, pet, and small business insurance.

Farmers comes in second place. Along with Travelers, Allstate, and AAA, it ranks number six in our list of the Best Car Insurance Companies in 2023. Its annual average rate of $2,078 is significantly higher than the overall sample premium of $1,547 and surpasses all but one of the ten insurers we examined.

In most of the subcategories that we looked at, Farmers gets average scores when it comes to how satisfied policyholders are. When it comes to the likelihood of current policyholders renewing, it comes in last.

With a score of 4.2 out of 5, Farmers Customer Service placed in the middle of the pack in this subcategory. It is tied for first place. 4 spot with Voyagers, Geico, and Across the country. USAA is ranked No. 1 among the businesses we examined. 1 with a rating of 4.4, but it only provides insurance to military personnel. No. 1 is shared by American Family and State Farm, which both sell to the general public. 2 in this subcategory, receiving a 4.3 score.

Farmers Claims Handling Farmers performs best in the claims handling subcategory that we examined. It is tied for No. 1 with a score of 4.1 out of 5. 3 with Nationwide and Geico. Our rating was better only for USAA and American Family, which received scores of 4.2 and 4.3, respectively.

Farmers Customer Loyalty Farmers ranks No. 1 in this subcategory with a score of 4.0 out of 5. 6 in addition to Travelers, Allstate, and Nationwide. With a score of 3.9, Progressive is the only one that falls below us in our rating. USAA and American Family are tied for No. State Farm comes in at No. 1 with a score of 4.4. 3 with a 4.2 score.

Our research suggests that most motorists may be able to save money on insurance elsewhere. Farmers’ insurance rates average $2,078 per year. With a sample rate of $2,135 only Allstate is more expensive than the others in our rating. In contrast, USAA’s annual car insurance rates are the lowest, at an average of $1,022, but their policies are only available to military personnel. Our next-cheapest insurer is Geico, with an annual rate of $1,250 on average.

Due to their lack of driving experience, teens are the demographic with the highest average cost of insurance. For a 17-year-old female or male driver, Farmers’ average annual rates are significantly higher than the national average and the most expensive of the companies we looked at.

In contrast, the cheapest annual rates for teen drivers are offered by USAA, which only sells to members of the military. These rates average $3,129 for female drivers and $3,364 for male drivers. Geico has the second-cheapest rates for male teens, with an average annual rate of $3,742, while State Farm has the second-cheapest premiums for females, at $3,280.

When drivers arrive at age 25, normal premium rates start to prominently decline. When it comes to the average annual rates that single 25-year-old men and women pay, Farmers is once again the most expensive insurance provider.

The two companies with the lowest rates are Geico and USAA. For women, the average USAA car insurance premium is $1,219, while for men, it is $1,280. Women’s and men’s annual sample premiums at Geico are $1,346 and $1,357, respectively.

Overall, than for more youthful grown-ups. Farmers isn’t the most expensive business in this group, but they are close. Only Allstate has annual average rates that are higher: $2,069 for males and $2,092 for females. USAA and Geico are once again the least expensive businesses in this category.

With an average annual rate of $943 for men and $940 for women, USAA is the most affordable provider. Geico is second-cheapest, with sample premiums for women of $1,200 and men of $1,242. No. 3 For married 35-year-old men and women, State Farm costs $1,245 slightly more.

Senior drivers typically pay the least for car insurance. Only Allstate and Farmers have annual premiums that are on average higher than Farmers’. Women pay an average of $1,918 per year, while men pay an average of $1,956 per year.

The average rates offered by USAA, Geico, and State Farm are the cheapest, just like they were for other demographic categories we looked at. The average annual rate from USAA is $876 for men and $872 for women for those who qualify.

State Farm is the next most affordable, costing married 60-year-old women and men an average of $1,134 per year. With a sample premium for women of $1,153 and men of $1,202, Geico ranks third in this demographic for affordability.