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American Family Car Insurance Review for 2023

American Family Car Insurance Review for 2023

No. 1 is American Family. No. 2 insurance company in our rating for 2023, following only No. 1 USAA. American Family was founded in 1927 as a regional auto insurance provider with headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Today, American Family sells a complete line of insurance products in 19 states, mostly in the West and Midwest.

No. 2 In our survey, customers give American Family high marks, and it ranks high or near the top in many of the subcategories of our rating, such as the likelihood of renewal or recommendation, customer loyalty, and customer service.

The business is No. 1 in our evaluation of Claims Management. For men and women of all ages, American Family’s rates are lower than the national average, and the company is cheaper than most others for drivers with driving violations or poor credit.n Family

American Family Customer Service

Approximately 90% of American Family policyholders report being either completely or entirely happy with the level of customer service they receive. The organisation is second only to USAA in this subcategory among the insurers in our assessment and has some of the best survey results in this group. In our poll, American Family also does well in terms of how simple it is to contact customer support, and it has the fewest consumers who express displeasure with the assistance they receive.

American Family Claims Handling

Our analysis shows that American Family handles claims better than any other insurer, and a lot of customers are happy with how easy it is to file a claim, how the status of the claim is updated, and how the claim was resolved. About 87% of people who took the survey said they were happy with how their claim was handled in general, while just over 3% said they were unhappy.

American Family Customer Loyalty

In this subcategory for 2023, American Family ties USAA for top place with a Customer Loyalty score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Just over 3% of American Family customers indicated they were unlikely or very unlikely to renew their coverage, compared to about 90% of survey participants who said they were either likely or very likely to do so.

According to our research, the average annual rate for drivers with American Families is $1,383. Despite the fact that this is less than the $1,547 national average cost, USAA, Geico, State Farm, and Travellers all turned out to be less expensive on average.

American Family may be less expensive than one or more of those providers, depending on your age, driving history, and other circumstances. According to our research, Allstate had the highest average cost, with an annual sample rate of $2,135.

Our research with Farmers and Progressive revealed that young drivers’ insurance premiums can be as much as four times higher than those of older drivers. The premium for a 17-year-old driver with American Family is lower than the national average of 2.5 times the rate for a 60-year-old driver.

American Family’s 17-year-old female rate is approximately $1,500 lower than the national average and its 17-year-old male rate is $2,000 lower than the national average. With prices of $3,129 for a female and $3,364 for a male, USAA was the cheapest option in this category.

However, USAA only sells auto insurance to military personnel. Geico has the second-cheapest average annual rate for male teens who don’t qualify for USAA, about 35% lower than the national average. State Farm is roughly 35% less expensive than the average for female teens.

When compared to rates for teen drivers, car insurance rates drop significantly by the time drivers turn 25. On average, female drivers save more than $3,000, while male drivers save almost $5,000. For a 25-year-old female driver, our study found that American Family charges approximately $150 less per year than the national average, and approximately $200 less for a male driver.

Our rating showed that Farmers was the most expensive insurer in this category, costing $2,385 per year for a female driver and $2,594 for a male driver. At $1,219 and $1,280, respectively, USAA is the insurer with the lowest average cost for young adult female and male drivers. Geico’s rates are the second-lowest in this category, 27% cheaper for male drivers and 23% lower than the national average for female young adult drivers.

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