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5 Things Men Want in a Long-distance Relationship

5 Things Men Want in a Long-distance Relationship

You go to a grocery store because you want something, right? Sure. The same applies to relationships too. There are things men want in a long-distance relationship.

When a guy agrees to enter a long-distance relationship, there are certain needs that he wants and expects to see. Sometimes, he doesn’t have to tell you he wants these things; you should figure them out yourself.

When a guy agrees to be in a long-distance relationship, there are some things he wants and expects from his girlfriend. The best part is that he will take good care of you if you can meet his needs and may even turn your long-distance relationship into marriage.

At a point in your long-distance relationship, you can get frustrated and ask, ‘what exactly does he want?.’ Instead of getting angry, why don’t you sit down, think of the things he wants and try to give them to him (if it meets your moral standards) to avoid future problems or complications in your long-distance relationship.

What Makes a Man eHappy in a Long Distance Relationship?

Several things can make a man happy in a long-distance relationship. Let’s give some examples; a man is likely happy if you meet his sexual needs in a long-distance relationship.

You can come over once in a while if the distance is not that much or chat dirty online. Aside from that, you can make a man happy in a long-distance relationship by showing him love and care.

The irony is that love is shown in little things; send him a love email or have his favorite food delivered to his doorstep. These little things will go a long way in making a man happy in a long-distance relationship.

Another thing that makes a man happy in a long-distance relationship is peace of mind. If your long-distance relationship has less drama and more happiness, your partner will be happy he met you.

Things Men Want in a Long-distance Relationship
5 Things Men Want in a Relationship
Have you been wondering about what exactly men want in a long-distance relationship? Well, here’s an answer to your question. Below are five things men want in a long-distance relationship:

Men Want Assurance

One major thing guys need when they’re in a long-distance relationship is constant assurance. Anytime you call or video call him, always assure him that he’s yours and will always be yours.

Since you are thousands of miles away, a lot has been going through his mind. He doesn’t know what you are doing over there — if you are faithful and have him in heart as much as he has you in his heart. Some men don’t know how to deal with distance; that’s why things are usually hard at the beginning. And if this trend continues, he might start losing interest in the relationship.

The best way to clear his insecurity in your long-distance relationship is by constantly confessing your love to him and reminding him that no one will ever take his place in your life. Ring that into his ears anytime you talk; it will go a long way in your long-distance relationship.

Once he’s clear and confident that he owns you and nothing can change that, you are starting to satisfy his needs even though there’s a distance between the two. Some men are unfaithful in long-distance relationships because they don’t have that assurance that their girlfriend is faithful.

Don’t do things that will warrant unnecessary suspicion to make situations easier. Don’t visit a male friend at night or sleepover. You might think telling him would make him feel nothing is wrong, but he would give it another thought one day.

Don’t ignore his calls intentionally; pick them as long as you’re privileged. If you miss them, call him back once you are free. Don’t ignore him while online—these reasons why some guys don’t trust their long-distance partners.

Once they start noticing these signs, they start thinking otherwise. Once they have made up their minds, it’s usually hard to convince them that what happened was different. If you are dating someone a lady has hurt in the past, you should be extra careful in your long-distance relationship. He won’t want to make a mistake twice.

Men Want Your Loyalty

Of course, everyone wants a loyal partner. However, men are always more interested in having a loyal partner when in a long-distance relationship.

Usually, a man’s biggest fear is someone else enjoying his girlfriend while he is miles away trying to earn a living. One of the things guys want in a long-distance relationship is loyalty.

Don’t tell it to them; let your loyalty show in your actions. If you want to make your man happy in a long-distance relationship, remain loyal to him. Let’s face it; it’s a bit hard to trust ladies in long-distance relationships with stories we hear around. This is why some men are very insecure and jealous.

In fact, his friends might have been telling him that he should forget you or that he would cheat since it is a long distance.

He wants to prove his friends wrong that you are different. This is why men value loyalty in long-distance relationships. They would rather not eat than have someone eating from their pot.

Your boyfriend wants your loyalty; he doesn’t need to tell you this; it’s something he deserves.

They Want You To Make Them Feel Special
In case you don’t know, it’s possible to make your boyfriend feel special despite being in a long-distance relationship. The mistake ladies make is that they think distance is a barrier and refuse to do some romantic things that will make their man happy.

You don’t have to be around to make him feel special; you can do that right from where you are. Have you ever thought of ordering him food? You will order food from wherever you are, and it will be delivered right to his doorstep.

How about dropping his number out for your loved ones to call and appreciate him for everything? Have you ever considered giving him a surprise visit or sending him a handwritten letter via postcards? These are simple things you can do from the comfort of your room to make your long-distance partner feel special.

Doing these things will convince him that you truly love him and that you think about him every time despite the distance.

They Want Your Availability And Proper Communication
Even Though there’s an ocean between you, they want you to be available. Of course, you don’t have to be available every time. However, ensure you don’t ignore them when you are free.

If your goal is to turn the long-distance relationship into marriage, then you need to be available. They don’t want all your time; all they want is you giving them your time.

When they call you, pick up and have a nice conversation with them. Don’t ignore their calls Every Time. Don’t neglect them because you are far away or give them excuses every time.

You can even visit your long-distance partner once in a while. This will tell them that you are trying your best to be available for them. If you treat your guy well, he will reciprocate the good deed.

He wants good communication from you. If you can’t give this, the long-distance relationship will not work. Your communication plays a primary role in your availability. Prioritize your communication, look for the Best time to meet and talk.

They Want You To Satisfy Their Sexual Needs
Many people are of the opinion that you can’t meet your boyfriend’s sexual needs while in a long-distance relationship. That is not correct, though; there are other ways you can pleasure your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship.

You can have sex chats frequently or even face time to have online sex. It might not be as effective as the real one, but it’s something that can fill the gap pending the time you’ll be back together.

Your boyfriend wants you to meet his sexual needs; send him those photos you know he wants to see. When you chat, talk dirty with him at every chance you get.

Things Men Want in a Long-distance Relationship
What Makes a Man Stay in a Long Distance Relationship?
If the relationship is strong and has a future, a man would stay in such. When men see a relationship that has a future, they stick to it no matter what.

If a man sees that the long-distance relationship is leading nowhere and doesn’t look like one with a great future, he will find a way to exit such a relationship.

Another reason men stay in long-distance relationships is the quality of communication. No man would want to leave such a relationship if they communicate well and work together as a team.

Final Words
If you can give your man things he wants in a long-distance relationship, he will treat you well, and you’ll enjoy the relationship better.

To make your long-distance relationship fun, take note of things your man wants in a long-distance relationship and work on how to give them to him.

That’s all for now! What are things men want in a long-distance relationship? Men reading this should help us add to the list. If you have any related stories you would love to share; the mildstrings community is ready to hear you out. If you find this article helpful, please share.

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